The History of The Gregorian Lapel Submission System for SALE on

The History of The Gregorian Lapel Submission System for SALE on

The History of The Gregorian Lapel Submission System for SALE NOW on

It All Started in 2014 at Jean Jacques Machado HQ in Tarzana, Ca.

When I was a basic brown belt training at the legendary Jean Jacques Machado Jiu JItsu Academy HQ in Tarzana, Ca., it was very difficult to execute submissions on anybody who was purple belt and above. Forget submitting brown belts and just focus on surviving with black belts.

I had to get creative and began using my lapels to use trickery and deception to setup submissions, which was also very difficult to do.

Oftentimes, my training partners would turtle, and sit there protecting their neck, waiting for the right time to explode and drive you to the bottom while they got on top.

In NoGi I always liked the Peruvian Necktie, but in the Gi it's a lot more challenging to execute. However, if you fed your lapel correctly, you can replicate the Peruvian using your lapel, which we all began calling the Lapuvian as a temporary name before Master Jean Jacques named it “The Gregorian”.

It Took Me Close to 6 Months to Setup and Execute This Lapel Submission

The journey was long and rough before I began landing and executing “The Lapuvian”. Approximately 6 months went by and then like magic I made a few adjustments in my angle and boom, I began executing this submission frequently.

Every time Master Jean Jacques would see me pulling out my lapel to setup this submission, he would tell the other guy, you better watch out Gregor is going to choke you. Master Jean Jacques Machado called me Gregor.

After I began executing this lapel submission on a regular basis right in front of Master Jean Jacques so he could see my evolution and growth on the way to black belt, something magical happened.

Master Jean Jacques Machado Names it “The Gregorian”

In the second half of 2014, during one very packed 12pm class with approx. 50 students training, i was setting up my lapel and Master Jean Jacques tells the other guy, you better watch out, “The Gregorian is Coming”.

- Abu Dhabi Pro Training Camp Video from 2015 at Jean Jacques Machado HQ where you can see me still a brown belt setting up the Step Over Gregorian, the only one that I had at that time, until I invented over 40 more that I use today.

The Gregorian was sure coming. Master Jean Jacques Machado was right. After I submitted my team mate gently, Master Jean Jacques said to the class, you all better watch out, whenever Gregor pulls out his lapel, you know The Gregorian Lapel Choke is coming.

He was speaking God's honest truth. This was and has been my main submission since 2014 and has worked on every belt especially black belt because I learned how to set up the lapel feed without them even feeling it, while pulling the trigger at the same time, and by then, its over.

By the time I was promoted to blackbelt on December 15th, 2016, I got very efficient at setting up and executing The Gregorian.

The Gregorian Lapel Submission System has a Specific Strategy

The foundation and the core of The Gregorian Lapel Submission System is making sure you encourage and manipulate your opponent into a movement funnel where they will turtle.

Knowing and anticipating that your opponent will turtle, you are ready to feed the lapel to kill the turtle whether they pause in the turtle or not. If you anticipate them moving into the turtle, you are already several steps ahead and by the time they realize they are trapped, it's too late and they have to tap.

Fast Forward to Summer of 2020

After moving to Bedford, Texas in mid 2019 with the goal of opening the 1st Carlos Machado Academy not operated by Master Carlos Machado, in the summer of 2020 I was training with my students and began to have a progressively harder time executing the standard Gregorian Lapel Submission that I always used.

Why? Because my students learned quickly that they really need to defend this submission and got very good at defending. Especially my students who were blue belt and higher.

My students challenged me to have to evolve and that is exactly what I did. I began seeking alternative entries and setups for the only single Gregorian Lapel submission I knew and by the Grace of God, I created #TheReverseGregorian which was a modified #StepOverGregorian that I have always used since 2014.

After that glorious blessed day, I began to brainstorm, and create a methodology how to create a whole Gregorian Lapel Submission system, but needed to execute The Gregorian Lapel submission from other positions besides the Turtle.

And once again, by the Grace of God, it all came to me. Usually at night, when I would visualize and create this system in my head and take notes to apply during training the next day.

The Gregorian Lapel Submission System is Born October 2020

What seemed like a Gregorian Waterfall, lol, I began creating one after another from every position. It was amazing and these lapel submissions all worked very effectively.

It was amazing to see my students use these submissions as well, especially in competition. This made me incredibly proud to see, apart from the fact that I just simply have the most amazing and dedicated students I can dream of.

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One of the most gratifying and rewarding aspects of #TheGregorianLapelSubmissionSystem is that NOBODY in the world has ever released such a system, with such lapel submissions.

This is what makes #TheGregorianLapelSubmissionSystem truly unique. The submissions are one of a kind. The entries are one of a kind and when you combine all these submissions into The Gregorian System itself, you have a truly unstoppable weapon that NOBODY is practicing, and especially, nobody is understanding how to even defend in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu worldwide.

This is a true Lapel Submission Revolution, and the 12/15/2020 release of #TheGregorianLapelSubmissionSystem was literally released exactly on the 4th anniversary of my promotion to blackbelt which was on 12/15/2016.

At the end of October 2020, I entered into agreement with BJJ Fanatics to release this system which I thought of calling, “To Kill the Turtle” or “The Gregorian Lapel Submission System”.

BJJ Fanatics liked the Gregorian name and that's exactly what we went with. The rest is history.

A Huge Thank You To My Amazing Students

The fact is, without my amazing students, I would never have created this system. They inspire me on a daily basis. They motivate me to innovate, to deliver the most abundant and complete Jiu Jitsu journey. They always push me outside of my limits and much more. This is how they forged me, as their professor.

Additionally, I train with all my students every class. From white to black. I always roll with everybody so that can evaluate their progress and forge them with my very hands. I am not one of “Those” professors who only rolls with his upper belts.

All of my students get my time and for me this is a very huge priority, to make sure they know that I am there to train with them myself.

In the end, this is where all the progress is made. On the mats, withmy students. At home, or driving, I can visualize, but it is when I teach the techniques to them, and then apply these techniques during live rolling is where the refinement actually happens.

All Glory Goes to God and to my students. They are a heavenly blessing that I cannot convey in words. To each and every one of my students, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

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